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Althea is a sofa bed consisting of foam that wraps around a pouf decorated with custom-designed embroidery work made with a digital embroidery machine. All of the above is wrapped by a lifting belt locked with a 3D printed hook. It’s the exciting result of an experimental design process that has synergetically involved artisan, designer and digital technologies and that has employed bothadvanced technological know-how and crafting skills.



Designer > Alessandro Marelli
Born in Brianza – a very well known wood/furniture industrial district north of Milan – taking part to the development of public and private furnishing projects with different companies and architecture studios, thus acquiring an in-depth knowledge on wood as material. During his studies at Politecnico di Milano, Alessandro Marelli had the chance of meeting Enzo Mari. Contacted by Enzo Mari, he worked with him as his unique co-worker for some years, assisting Mari during the development of some projects. After this experience, he decided to start his own atelier and dedicate himself to his own designs.
Artisan > Berto Salotti
Divani, poltrone, letti e mobili imbottiti
Via Piave, 18 – 20036 Meda