storie di making di artigiani + fabber + designer

Occasional table is a small iron table with a perforated top that holds objects that are created with 3D printing.
Because of its holes, the table top loses its functionality, the molded objects that are housed inside the holes give new functionality to the table increasing its efficiency. The table “works” when the analog element (the iron part) and the digital element (the molded objects) coexist. The “printed” objects can serve different functions and can be made directly by the end user according to his needs.



Designer > Andrea Gianni
Andrea Gianni opens in 2004 the “Laboratori Lambrate” studio, a place where new objects are designed and manufactured, a laboratory/studio that now hosts the beginning of the adventure of self-production. Andrea Gianni presented for the first time his work to the public during the Salone Satellite in April 2004. His research focuses on the reuse of materials and images, his work models archetypes, “permanences”.
Artisan > Fusaro Mario s.r.l. costruzioni in ferro
Carpenteria e produzioni in ferro
Via della Cavalla – 20822 Seveso