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An octagonal glass sheet turns into an unfinished cube. The modular table Tron, made by Fas, has an elementary geometric shape which allows endless decorative and functional variations. Volumes that overall seem similar but at a closer look all show a different gene. Thanks to the FabLab, from time to time elements are created that influence and modify the original volumetric perception of the object. Tron is an unfinished and endless modular element. It pays homage to the comics author Jean Giraud, alias Moebius.






Designer > Antonio Cos
Antonio Cos was born in 1975 in Strasbourg. He studied industrial design in France and at the ISIA of Florence. After working for the Fiorucci Styling office and Santachiara’s Studio, he exhibited at the Salone Satellite in Milan in 2002. The studio Cos has designed for italian and foreign firms such as Bormioli Rocco, Coop Italia, Invicta, Guzzini, Erreti, Caterpillar, Habitat. Since 2004, he attended workshops as visiting professor in France and Italy.
In 2009 he creates his own self-production and experimental brand: Cosllection.
Artisan > FAS srl
FAS srl
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