storie di making di artigiani + fabber + designer

A system that can be used to build, contain and divide, made of supporting posts and flat leather shapes that become three-dimensional and acquire a function when they are inserted into their brackets and interact with other elements.
The leather covered shapes have an inner sheet with holes made by laser cutting. The elements made with 3D digital printing simulate bark and bud recalling the primeval nature of the wooden posts, creating a formal link to nature that is in contrast with the technology that created them.



Designer > Massimiliano Adami
Born in Monza in 1969, he studied design at the Istituto Statale d’Arte at Monza and the Politecnico di Milano. Since his debut in 1989 with the exhibition “Il Fantasma del design” (“the Phantom of Design”), he has participated in various competitions and exhibitions, including his successful participation in the 2005 Salone Satellite. Thanks to his experimentation with materials and production methods with a high content of craftsmanship, his work ranks among both art and design, combining his design activity together with self-production. His works are on display at major design galleries such as the Moss, Saatchi Gallery, Rossana Orlandi, Ottobarradieci. He designs and works with major companies.

Artisan > Ludovica Mascheroni Home Atelier di Rimal Cuoio
Arredi in cuoio in serie e su misura
Via Fumagalli n. 97/99 - 22066 Mariano Comense