storie di making di artigiani + fabber + designer


April 17-22, 2012


Via Conte Rosso, 22
Ventura Lambrate > Milano
dalle 10:00 alle 20:00



SUBALTERNO1 is a gallery fully dedicated to italian self-production.
It’s a place where self-produced designers and their objects are presented, displayed and distributed.
It’s a showcase interacting with those traveling through the neighborhood of Lambrate.
It’s a self-managed initiative, participated and shared with those involved in the project.


SUBALTERNO1 considers self-production as a set of activities that include the self-organization of the design process, the construction/production, the promotion and the distribution.
All these steps can be executed in different ways but must co-exist to call the process “self-production”.
Not necessarily the above items have to be made in person by a designer, but when not made directly, they must have at least one person as a customer-organizer.